Prayer what an awesome opportunity! But we must not forget that we desperately need the power of the Holy Spirit to pray effectively. He alone empowers us to wait as the disciples waited in the upper room so long ago. We need his power more than ever, we have gone in our strength far to long. With no results and only minor changes.

We must learn how to wait and pray effectively for our families, our pastors and our leaders (presidents, governors etc.,) and all that are in authority. We have a promise from the Lord that if we pray, we will lead a peaceable life.

Imagine what would happen if the church was open 24/7 for prayer. Imagine what would happen, if women all across the globe would begin to “call upon the name of the Lord” for their children, neighbors and nation. Imagine what would happen if wives would begin to cry out for their husbands? Imagine what would happen if men, became “GAP CLOSERS”? Can God start with you? Can he depend on you to stand int the gap and take up the hedge? Can he depend on you to pray until something happens? (PUSH) The emphasis is on women and girls and I believe God is up to something. Are you available to watch and pray? Hannah was available and she received Samuel, Anna was available and she spent her life in the temple fasting and praying. What about you? Are you to busy to stand in the GAP?