Jesus often sought women out in unusual places.  They were women that society had cast away. They had to do things in the cloak of darkness  in the shadows of society so that they could avoid the whispers, the stares and the constant comments about their lifestyles.  They would have to draw water at dawn or pass on the other side of the street.   They were women who did what they did because they thought there was nothing left in them or for them.  They had given all they had to satisfy others.  But he had a greater plan for their lives to make it brand new and significant.

The woman at the well, was someone that had looked for love in all the wrong places.  Today somehow would be her day, and this one encounter with a man at a well would change the course of her life forever.  After the encounter she ran to tell everyone in her village that she had found someone who satisfied her emotional,  and spiritual longings though they only had a conversation.  The towns people were amazed because they knew her, but now something was different about her, there was a glow about her.  The looseness was no longer evident in her walk  or the seduction in her eyes.  Her brazeness was now soft and gentle.

Imagine, he took a four day journey out of his way to seek her and to change her life forever.   He did not seek to call her out and shame her, he  sought her out to heal her.  He knew that she would come to that well that day and he waited.   He was prepared for the questions she would ask, and the doubts she would share regarding true worship.  But he had the answers she had been looking for, for so long and today her life would be changed forever. She had been longing for that spiritual water for such along time and now today, he would forever change her life.

Perhaps today, is your day. Give him the opportunity he will listen and he will not condemn you.  He will meet you right where you are.  He still changes lives and maybe, just maybe if you give him the opportunity to speak into your life you too will have a story to tell how he  changed your life.  Will you let him in today?